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Kohan II:King of War is a real-time strategy game
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Kohan II:King of War is a real time strategy game, like the previous one, which is based on the history of ancient Persia. "Kohan" means ancient in that language. Also, the major character, is based on the most popular king of the Persian Empire: King Darius Javidan.
This version has better animation, you will be able to see special effects everywhere, and more spectacular battles. Kohan 2 will let you take part of massive battles with hundreds of units engaged in major battles, but you will have the opportunity to participate in small battles as well. The environment of each battle is realistic, indeed, the designer have placed emphasis on small details. The sound effects are quite good but not incredible.

The story of Kohan 2 is a direct continuation of the first half and its expansion, so again you must defend Istaria by force of the Kohan, the immortal heroes. The new enemy is an ancient evil that will be released in search for both your kingdom and the rest of the world.
In addition, you can make your company with your preferred units choosing among 6 races.

In conclusion, there will be a moment that you will feel inside a Tolkien-like book.

María Noel Balla
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